VOLTEX Energy Management System

The blockchain-based energy ecosystem for a sustainable future of our planet Earth.


Invest in a sustainable future with VOLTEX.

Energy Consumption


will double worldwide by 2050

Grid Intervention Costs

+2.3 b.

by 2022

Market Size

+5,400 b.


What is VOLTEX?

The Blockchain-based Energy Management System.

VOLTEX is a blockchain-based energy management system with an integrated peer-to-peer trading platform. The system measures, controls and regulates the power grid at 50 or 60 Hertz. In order to avoid electricity frequency fluctuations and power cuts, the control of the frequency in the grid is decisive.

VOLTEX interlinks and organizes decentralized electricity prosumers with power grids and promotes renewable energy. Through the integration of the blockchain into the VOLTEX system, electricity trading with digital certificates of origin is revolutionized. VOLTEX concentrates on the power station stakeholders, industries and companies that produce, consume or trade in large amounts of electricity.

VOLTEX Hardware

Our Solution

VOLTEX provides a sustainable solution for the grid stability, cost optimization and trading in electricity factors. Towards this goal, LIOT AG focuses on the blockchain technology with VOLTEX.

Peer-to-peer Trading Platform

The buying and selling of energy via smart contracts is organized efficiently and automated on the trading platform. Independently of the energy source (solar, wind, biomass, classical energy sources) industrial companies, power stations, vehicle charging stations, hospitals or virtual power stations can choose preferred energy sources at low transaction costs.

Grid Stability and Security

The currently highly fluctuating power grid is stabilized at 50/60 Hertz with the intelligent VOLTEX modules. With too much generated energy, rechargeable batteries can be reserved for electricity purchases at high tariffs or for network undervoltages. Counteracted, counteracted under- and overvoltages can thereby prevent global blackouts.

Cost Optimization

Expensive reference peak loads for electricity consumers are capped and the energy consumption is reduced thanks to the energy management. The costs for the end customers are reduced by up to 10% through the smoothing and the feeding in from decentralized energy sources.

Area of Application

The energy management is inserted between the third and seventh power grid levels. At the first network level, the electricity generated is first fed into the ultra-high voltage network. VOLTEX comes into use from the high voltage level down to the low voltage level where the power stations, large-scale industry and hospitals are found.

Levels 2, 4 and 6 are so-called transformer levels. They transform the current to the next lower (or, where necessary, higher) level.

Current situation and solution

More networking, more mobility, more maintenance and more connectivity pose new challenges for the energy industries.


Energy transition

The bulk of our electricity is generated by dirty, inefficient and expensive energy systems which cause health problems and exacerbate climate change. The current worldwide industrial structure is mainly made up of vertically integrated utilities and grid operators.


Rising energy consumption

Despite efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption, global energy consumption will double in the next 40 years. The reasons for this are the rising population and the electrification of transport and households. Total annual European electricity consumption will rise from 24,600 TW in 2017 to 53,600 TW in 2050.

Our Solution

Revolution with VOLTEX

VOLTEX ensures network security and stability with a frequency at 50/60 Hz. Supported by the decen­tralised blockchain-based peer-to-peer platform, transparent trading of electricity capacities attested by certificates of origin is made possible. This promotes the change to clean and renewable energy.

According to calculations by VOLTEX, annual energy consumption will be reduced by at least CHF 40 billion worldwide as a result of optimisation in the industrial sector.


Since the beginning of the development of the energy management system two years ago, a tested prototype has been developed and a competent team for the further development of blockchain technology has been set up. For the future, the roadmap foresees the integra­tion of the blockchain with the VOLTEX modules will be further developed.

Q2 2016
Product Idea & Concept

Q1 2017
Research & Development of the Energy Management

Q3 2017
Integration of Algorithm & AI

Q4 2017
First Hardware MVP

Q1 2018
Concept & Feasibility of Blockchain

Q2 2018
Team & Legal

Q4 2018
Public Announcement & Start Roadshow

Q1 2019
Start Fundraising

Q2 2019
First Development Voting

Q3 2019
Start IP Development of MVP

Q4 2019
Platform Building and Blockchain Development

Q2 2020
Pilot Smart Energy

Q3 2020
Start Hardware Production & P2P Platform

2021 – 2030
VOLTEX is going worldwide

Events & Conferences

Learn more about VOLTEX and visit us at our roadshow.



22/23.02.2019 | Tokyo (JAP)


Zukünftige Stromnetze

30/31.01.2019 | Berlin (DE)


SLUSH 2018

04/05.12.2018 | Helsinki (FIN)


Energy Startup Day

29.11.2018 | Zürich (CH)


Forum neue Energiewelt 2018

22/23.11.2018 | Berlin (DE)


Swiss Energy
Expert Day

10.10.2018 | Zofingen (CH)


Blockchain Live

26.09.2018 | London (GB)


Digitale Energiewelt

24.09.2018 | Berlin (DE)

Our Team

Our team has in-depth know-how in the field of energy, blockchain and software and hardware development. We combine our pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial professionalism to integrate enthusiastic innovations and measurable results into our customers’ business processes.

Emanuell Tomes
Founder / CEO

Vincenc Lazraj
Operation Manager

Marko Jazo
Financial Manager

Prof. Ing. Georg Bruegger
Technical Manager

Dagmar Herrnberger
User Research

Daniel Britt
Technical Engineer

Silvan Stanger
Electronic Engineer

Lisa Adrija
Key Account

Advisory Board

Dr. Thomas Langer
Founder / Board Member

Prof. Ing. Georg Bruegger
Technical Manager / Advisor

Oliver Weidmann

Ing. Marco Rüegg


Invest in a sustainable future with VOLTEX.

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